Band Blocks - Please Email Your Order

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Lead Time - 4 weeks
Ordering Band Blocks:
Band blocks can be ordered from our website. Normal turnaround time is about four weeks.

Our band blocks are milled by a master craftsman using state-of-the-art CNC routers and equipment.

Each block is milled from premium grade poplar wood and sized to industry standards.

All our wood products are made to order!! 

Size, Width and Ovals

Available Sizes:   6 1/2 to 8 1/2

Thickness:          1 1/2"

Oval Types:         Regular, Long, Wide and Extra Long

Side Taper:         Taper matches most popular blocks.

(Custom thickness and taper available.)


Finishing Specs

Band blocks are sold unfinished.  

 Please contact us for lead times.




We make every effort to produce a quality product from kiln dried wood.

Due to changes in location and subsequent climate changes,

there is a possibility that wood products will respond negatively. 

The woods' reaction is beyond our control!