Brim Flange , Flat - Please Email Your Order

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Contact us for current lead times
How to Order Brim Flanges:
Brim flanges are made to order. Once you decide on the style, size(s) and brim widths please contact us to go over the turnaround time and payment methods.
Optional Finishing Price:
$20.00 ea.

FLAT FLANGES - Price includes finish

Our flanges are made to order!! 

There is a substantial wait list for all made to order wooden products

‚ÄčAvailable in two standard  sizes:

  • 16" x 18" (petite)
  • 18" x 20" (standard)

Ribbon relief pockets milled into the interior and a flange cord groove around the outside.

Sizes are stamped on the outside

Each are 1 1/2" thick poplar. 

Size, Width and Ovals

Available head Sizes:  6 5/8 to 8 1/8

Oval Types:        Regular and Long Oval

Finishing Options

Brim flanges are finished with moisture tolerant sealer/finishes.  Unfinished flanges are available.


Need to match a brim flange in a certain style or size? Contact to discuss how we can custom-mill the flanges you need.

Please contact us for lead times.



We make every effort to produce a quality product from kiln dried wood.

Due to changes in location and subsequent climate changes,

there is a possibility that wood products will respond negatively.

The woods' reaction is beyond our control!